Miner Introduction

Lighted Mine

The mine has been lit, means miners working in the mine.


Mine to Be Lit

The mine to be lit, means the mine has been put on the shelf and being debugged, including the network, the mine pool setting, etc.


Waiting Mine

Waiting mine means some machine shelves in the mine have not yet been put on the mine, and the rear mine can be directly put on the shelves after being transported to the mine.


Maintenance room

In the maintenance room, the mine runs 24 hours a day. If there is a problem, including power, parts and other damage, it can be sent directly to the maintenance room for repair.


Miner Construction

Portable Mine

This portable mine has a three-storey structure with a width of 6m. It can be placed in three boxes and placed in two layers. The lower layer is an overhead layer.This small portable mine with heat an

Container Mine

The container mine, with a cooling water curtain system, always cools the mine. The entire container can be placed close to 600 mines, which is convenient to transport and has small requirements on th

Water Curtain Cooling System

The water curtain cooling system is a cooling method that is used in large mines. The temperature of the wind will be greatly reduced after passing through the water curtain, and then blown to the min

Water Storage System

The water storage system is pumped into the water tank by pumping groundwater and then transported to the mine to prepare the mine for cooling.


Power Construction


60MW overseas transformers directly supplied by Jiangsu Huapeng, overseas self-built substation, national grid two-wire circuit power supply, stable.


The transformer, the transformer inside the mine, converts the high-voltage electricity of the substation into a voltage suitable for use in the mine.

Switch Room

The switch room centrally controls the switches of all mines and other electrical appliances in the mine.

Mine Cable

The cable transports the electricity of the substation to the mine for mines.


Power Generation

Diesel power generation project

Power is generated by means of diesel power generation to provide electricity to mines.

Natural gas power generation project

It is supplied to the mines through natural gas power generation.

Geothermal power generation project

Use local rich geothermal resources to generate electricity to provide power support for mines.

Hydropower generation project

Power generation through the abundant local water resources to supply mine operation.