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GRD core technology, multi-mode edge computing!

GRD Core Technology

Using distributed computing power to provide rendering services to demanders, maximize idle computing power!

Traditional computing

Computing power provided by Cloud Central Computing Center


Aggregate distributed computing power. Users work first when they work, and provide computing services for devices that require computing power when they are not working.

Global GPU computing power public chain, providing rendering services and batch computing services for businesses!

definition Introduction

Rendering as a Service

You only need to install the corresponding program and related software or plug-in in your computer management system to start the job directly to the rendering node. Provides on-demand batch calculation, multiple model configurations covering CPU / GPU rendering, provides a scheduling framework, automatically manages resources, and achieves extremely fast rendering.

Batch computing service

Batch computing is a distributed cloud service suitable for large-scale parallel batch jobs. Supports massive scale of concurrent jobs, the system automatically completes resource management, job scheduling and data loading, and charges based on actual usage. Widely used in biological data analysis, multimedia transcoding, financial insurance analysis, scientific computing and other fields.

Why GRD rendering is cheaper

Lower rendering prices

Cost comparison GRD cloud rendering cost Cloud rendering cost in the same industry
Fixed cost Use idle computing power in the market machine room investment $ 704.533 / machine 8 card Geforce1080 $ 704.533 / set
Operating costs GRD public chain technology, co-governance, no need for human operation and electricity costs Electricity fee: $ 3116.6284 / set / 2 years
Technical optimization Hash chip adjusts hash power according to its own situation to provide computing services Always working to provide services through cloud-focused data centers
Total cost No upfront investment equipment cost + power cost + labor cost
Unit cost No cost input Each Geforce1080 graphics card 0.93 / 8 = $ 0.017 per card / hour 4.46 / 8 = $ 0.079 per USD / card / hour

Landing scene with GRD edge computing rendering power

Nanjing, China

Under the trend of 5G development, commercial demand for supercomputing has grown geometrically, and marginal computing power has thus solved the huge central computing power investment!

Render Farm

Provide a full range of computing, storage, network and security services. Massive computing resources are available on-demand without human maintenance, which has a cost advantage.

Movie effects

Massive resource scheduling, ready-to-use, no need for low-level maintenance, it is convenient for film and television enterprises to focus on improving core capabilities.

3D animation

Small teams can also make big productions, allowing creators to pay more attention to the quality of the work itself.

Game / VR

Massive computing resources, any lightweight terminal can also get high-quality 3D rendering.

Advertising design

Significantly reduces the time-consuming drawing, high-quality network transmission experience, and greatly improves work efficiency.

Effect map

Multiple jobs are rendered at the same time, and the pictures are displayed at a fast speed.

The world's first GPU computing power chain-GRD edge computing

data support

Global Fog Computing

GPU idle computing power is a huge number of computing power in the world. Service providers vary from country to country, from white night time period to electricity cost and cost. This has created a strong market for complementary computing power needs.

mixed calculation

Apply GPU mining machine, GPU display, cloud computing resources to the public chain
Provide computing power services, get rewards based on computing power and computing time

Edge computing

Using extra graphics card GPU computing power in the world
Together to provide services for the public chain and get rewards