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2020-01-15 19:24

PC to GRD mining machine: GRD mining software instructions

Preparation before GRD mining:

※ Activated windows operating system.

※ Start the system from the administrator user.

※ Close anti-virus software, firewall and automatic update.

※ Connect to the network.

※ Install the hardware device driver such as motherboard and graphics card.


The following teaches you how to start the GRD mining program step by step.


first step:Download the GRD mining package to the desktop, as shown in the figure below, download link:



The second step:As shown below, double-click the GRD file to extract the file to the desktop.image.png 


third step:As shown below, open the GRD folder to find the GRDMiner application and double-click to run. 



the fourth step:As shown in the figure below, fill in the name of the miner who applied on the GRD website, check the equipment that needs to be mined, and click Start ALL.



the fifth step:Check whether the mining software is successfully opened. As shown in the figure below, you can see that the graphics card model and computing power are both GRD mining software successfully started. Next, please enjoy the benefits and fun brought by mining!